AXG 1000 Alto xylophone, diatonic

  • Undestructible bars with the sound of a premium wood and the advantage for constant pitch over its lifetime and in changing climates
  • 16 bars 32 x 10 mm
  • Tonal range c1 - a2, includes f# and bb bars
  • Patented resonance box made of solid pine
  • Multiple resonance chambers for harmonic sound quality
  • Textile-coated bar seating for lasting durability
  • 2 mallets CS 44 included

Order-no.: AXG 1000

Dimensions of instrument

Length: 61cm

Width: 34 - 23cm

Height: 8,5cm

Weight: 4,30kg

RRP: 341,00 € (D)
incl. 16% VAT

Sound samples:

AXG 1000 - with one mallet
AXG 1000 - with two mallets

The sound quality depends on your output device