RVC 3030/G Vibraphone, 3 octaves

Sound and Intonation:

  • Tonal range f - f3
  • Wide dynamic range with sensitive response
  • Bars tuned to the third harmonic
  • Removable tone bars made of high grade aluminium alloy up to 57 mm wide and 13,5 mm thick
  • Bars manufactured in up to four widths for optimal tuning and tonal quality
  • Tone bars in golden laquered
  • Tuning from 440 to 446 Hz without extra charges

Construction and resonators:

  • Extremly solid and stable frame even after frequent assembly and disassembly
  • Easy height adjustment using an integrated counter-balance mechanism
  • Beams using an aluminium/wood sandwich construction for lasting satbility
  • Graduated resonators made from high quality aluminium, golden laquered
  • Large wheels, two with brakes


  • Lifelong, perfect and conistent damping over the complete tonal range even when the keyboard is tilted thanks to special joints at each side of frame and dual damping rods
  • Damping travel and damping characteristics can be adjusted easily to individual requirements. The damping system is adaptable to suit a wide range of musical styles from for Symphonic to Jazz.
  • Extrra-wide pedal in the concert Series for flexible, convenient damping

Vibrato facility:

  • Syncronised rotation of the fans with approx. 20 - 150 rpm
  • Reinforced, hard-wearing drive belts
  • Exceptionally quiet and efficient sealed motor with fine control of fan speed. Dual voltage 110/220 volts with innovative, energy saving drive
  • Option of Memory-Stop-function with foot switch control available on delivery or as an upgrade.

Protective cover and one pair each of No F 013, F 014 and F 015 mallets are included.


Order-no.: RVC 3030/G

Dimensions of instrument

Length: 151cm

Width: 79cm

Height: 77 - 95cm

Weight: 48,00kg

RRP: 7.230,00 € (D)
incl. 19% VAT